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“I’m a fan of Felberbaum’s playing, and of Sweet Salt an earlier FS disc. I saw the present group in Copenhagen a few years back and was enormously impressed, not just by the leader but by the crisp, unfussy interaction. (…) These are all substantial cuts, but without an ounce of fat.”
Brian Morton-Jazz Journal

Michael Felberbaum

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Born in Rome, Michael Felberbaum is an italo-american guitarist, composer and arranger.

At the age of fifteen, he produced his first concerts in roman jazz clubs. At eighteen, he moved to the United States where he played with Frank Lacey, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman, the poet Allen Ginsburg… At the same time, he studied composition and arrangement at the Berklee School of Music where he received a Bachelor degree in Music with special Honours Magna Cum Laude.

Upon his return to Europe, he settled in France where he performed and recorded with various musicians as Marc Copland, Johnny Griffin, Steve Lehman, Stefano Di Battista, Stéphane Belmondo, Pierre de Bethmann, Hervé Sellin, Lee Konitz, François Théberge, Sylvain Beuf, Olivier Temime, George Brown, Sunny Murray, François and Louis Moutin, Brice Wassy,  l’Orchestre de la Lune, Jean Luc Fillon, l’Absolute Orkestra de Toufic Farroukh, Adel Shams El-Din and St. Germain… Michael has co-led projects such as the 3 Elements trio with the cellist Dimos Goudaroulis and the drummer John Betsch and a duo with the trombone player Daniel Casimir. He has also played, composed and arranged for projects with Steve Potts, François Théberge, Jean-Luc Fillon, Michel Donato and the Emmanuel Bex trio with Aldo Romano.

For over ten years, he has recorded albums and performed with his own projects.

Albums comme leader ou co-leader
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Albums comme sideman (sélection)

Pierre de Bethmann Ilium7 (Aléa, édition Avr. 2022)

Pierre de Bethmann (Aléa, édition Nov. 2021)

Pierre de Bethmann Ilium5 (Aléa, Réédition Nov. 2021)

L'Orchestre de la Lune (Cristal)

Frédéric Borey (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Thomas Savy (Plus Loin Music)

Amy Gamlen Group (Jazz Underground)

Michel El Malem Group with Marc Copland (Harmonia Mundi), meilleur album de jazz Francais, Académéie du jazz. 

Pierre de Bethmann (Plus Loin)

Revues de presse
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“3Elements” ne ressemble à rien de connu. (…)

Félix Marciano, Jazz Magazine

Belle leçon d’audace assumée (…) Langueur et subtilité, un pur régal.

Xavier Prévost, Les dernières nouvelles du jazz


"Et le miracle se renouvelle de plage en plage (…) bel ouvrage d’art lancé par-delà les gouffres d’insondables émois." 

X. Prévost-Les dernières nouvelles du jazz

“Guitariste inspiré. Lego est excellent. Une des belles nouveautés du moment.”

J-Y Chaperon-L’heure du jazz RTL

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Extraits musicaux
Extraits vidéo